What to Do with Old Clothes

What to Do with Old Clothes


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A new year can open the door to a new you. Part of that new you often involves a fresh, new wardrobe. But what can you do with the clothes you never wear? The ones taking up space. Glad you asked.


Decluttering goes a long way in the effort to be a better version of ourselves. To that end, have each member of the family go through his or her closet, cubbies, or dresser to sort out the clothes that are no longer worn – the sweaters you never liked, the blouses that got stained, the pants that must have shrunk in the wash. You can scale the purge to your own personal preference: if you haven’t worn the clothes in a year; if you haven’t worn the clothes in six months; if you haven’t worn the clothes in six weeks. Gather all the clothes together and pile them in trash bags or fold them in an old laundry basket.

Note: Keep anything sentimental.


All of our local communities sponsor clothing drives from time to time. The key is to find one that accepts the kind of clothes you have to give: kids clothes, old clothes, sports gear, etc. If you don’t find a local clothing drive, give to your local homeless or veterans shelters. Call beforehand to make sure they accept donations, but definitely give it a chance. It always a touching experience to help people back on their feet. However, if neither of those options pan out, you can always donate to your local thrift stores – your Salvation Army, your Goodwill, your Big Brother, Big Sister. They’ll even give you a receipt that you can claim on your taxes.

Note: Most places won’t take used underwear. Those are better kept as rags, pet toys, or compost.


The clothes don’t make the person; the person makes the clothes. And donating your old clothes is always in style.

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