Remyndr for Municipalities

How Remyndr helps your town or county

Remyndr is the most convenient way for community governments to communicate their curbside collection schedule to any home. Notifications tell residents the pickup type, what to include and what to avoid. If things change, everyone can be alerted, or just those on the affected route.

This results in a cleaner recycling stream, reduced waste stream and fewer items sitting on streets or blowing around neighborhoods. For residents, it is free, and only takes seconds to sign up.

What some of our customers think…

“Remyndr has been great for North Attleboro and we have especially enjoyed the reduction in calls asking about pickups. The app provides timely information so residents know what’s happening with a quick glance at their phone.”

Michele Bernier, Manager, Solid Waste Department, Town of North Attleborough

“Residents love the app and appreciate that Marshfield is embracing the latest technology to communicate with them. We recently rolled out new carts and the app has been a tremendous way to keep people informed. The app is really simple to use and the notifications are very effective in helping people get correct items to the curb.”

Debbie Sullivan, Solid Waste & Recycling Enforcement Officer, Town of Marshfield

“This was an easy decision given the low cost and numerous benefits Remyndr offers. We look forward to real-time communication this winter because we know delays or changes can be frustrating.”

Tara N. Tradd, Avon Board of Health, Town of Avon

“We knew the platform would be easy to use but it has exceeded expectations. Remyndr managed the entire town set up and constantly checked in to make sure we were happy and understood the process. Now we are live, the service just runs. I check our dashboard once a week to track new users, which takes 2 minutes. It’s awesome.”

Steven J. Neale, Department of Community Services, Township of Verona

“Remyndr has greatly improved communication with residents about recycling and general curbside collections. We appreciate no personal data is collected which provides peace of mind in this fragile data age. Partnering with Remyndr was a great decision for Nutley.”

Dr. Joseph P. Scarpelli, Mayor, Township of Nutley

“Remyndr has been a great tool for our residents of Cedar Grove to stay informed of all their recycling, solid waste and bulk collection needs.”

Tom Tucci, Township Manager, The Township of Cedar Grove

No I.T.

Remyndr is an outsourced solution requiring no IT integration.


Remyndr builds and manages the program so you don’t have to.


Once in place, Remyndr’s intelligent technology works to notify individuals and engage the community.


For only a few dollars a day, Remyndr costs less than an office coffee run.

Are you part of a municipality and looking to learn more about Remyndr?

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