Spring & Climate Change

Spring & Climate Change

Spring is here and the earth laughs in flowers. This season, we’ll share local, springtime events on our Facebook page, such as Verona’s 3rd Annual Green Fair, the West Essex Trail Clean Up, and the North Attleboro Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Be sure to like our page so you don’t miss out on the fun!

As the weather turns warmer, it’s a perfect time to talk about solutions to climate change. Below are three easy steps you can take to mitigate climate change and reduce its effects:

  1. Shocking for a waste management app, we know. But did you know that recycling half of your household waste saves 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year? Remyndr makes recycling easy by telling you the right bin for each article and by notifying you when the recycling is picked up in your neighborhood.
  2. Not only does walking reduce carbon emissions and save on gas, it also gets you into shape. Walk down a new street and explore your town. You might find a great little shop or a park you never knew existed. And hey, it’s spring. You can literally stop to smell the roses.
  3. Plant a tree. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, so they’re a natural antidote to carbon dioxide pollution created by traffic, manufacturing, and daily human life. Go to your local nursery to pick up a sapling. Find a spot in your yard and dig a hole roughly two times wider than your tree’s root ball and no deeper than its height. Place the tree, fill the hole, and tie it loosely to a stake in order to ensure upright growth. Water your tree once a day and watch it grow!


Happy Spring from Remyndr. We hope you and your family enjoy the season!

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