Warm Winter Wishes

Warm Winter Wishes

The holidays are in full swing! According to the EPA, in the United States, household waste increases by more than 25% between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. That equates to about one million extra tons of trash! Here are a few remyndrs of how you can make your holidays more eco-friendly:

Experiential gifts are fun, memorable, and require no packaging. They also teach children that experiences are just as special as material gifts. Some of our favorite holiday moments are spent cooking, playing games, or taking trips to the ice-skating rink, the movies, the theater, or the new museum exhibit!

Carpooling with friends and relatives means more time spent together and a smaller carbon footprint. Wherever you travel to spend your holidays, see whether you can offer a ride in the spirit of the season. And for last-minute errands, try to combine several into a single trip.

Shopping bags are unnecessary for small and oversized gifts. For those that tread the middle of the road in size, combining multiple gifts into a fewer reusable cloth bags will help unclutter your trunk and reduce the impact of shopping bags on landfills.

Your dish- and silverware are lovely. Why not bring them out for the special occasion? Reusable dish- and silverware go a long way in reducing the total impact of waste during the holiday season. If your relatives prefer to use paper or plastic ware, offer to provide it and opt for recycled and compostable materials.

We’ll be sure to post more tips on how to clean up from the holidays on December 26th.
Happy holidays to you and your loved ones from everyone at Remyndr!


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