What are you grateful for?

Are you grateful for the people in your life? Are you grateful for the time you spend with family and friends? Are you grateful for stuffing?

We at Remyndr are grateful for your involvement in bettering your community. Waste management is a small part of most people’s lives. Yet it makes a big difference in how well our houses, neighborhoods, and cities run. This Thanksgiving – with all the errands left to run and the relatives showing up early – we know it’s hard to remember something like when the trash will be picked up this weekend. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Just look at our app for schedules and updates.

Show your gratitude for the people you love with small gestures: Clear the plates. Do the dishes. Sort the recycling. Take out the trash. Give thanks. It may take a little while to see, but these little acts accumulate and create big changes down the line – whether it’s in our homes, in our neighborhoods, or in our cities.

We at Remyndr want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you and your family are safe and full this holiday season!



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