America Recycles Day!

America Recycles Day!

America Recycles Day is here! As of right now, there are 2,157 events registered on These events range from clothing donations for veterans to drawing contests, from trash-to-treasure DIY events to education seminars. If you’re looking for ways to get involved today, here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Visit and Take the Pledge to be green (68,864 people have signed it as of this post). You can choose an area of dedicated interest, from Plastic Bags and Wraps to Plastic Bottles and Caps, from Unwanted Mail to Mobile Devices.
  2. Over the next month, practice mindfulness in your area of dedicated interest. If you’re at the grocery store, bring a reusable grocery bag so you don’t need a plastic one. Purchase reusable water bottles from companies such as Klean Kanteen. Recycle your unwanted mail and unsubscribe from it where possible. Collect the old mobile devices in your home and learn how to dispose of them safely.
  3. Attend and share an event listed on the event site. Most won’t last more than a few hours, and they’re a great way to teach your kids about the benefits of recycling with hands-on experience.
  4. Read our post about how to dispose of your autumn leaves. Here we give you 4 easy ways to make the most of your fallen foliage.

It’s never too late to break with old habits and form new ones. It’s never too late to take action! Have a happy America Recycles Day and take care of each other.


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