Trash Tips for Summer Trips

Trash Tips for Summer Trips

Summer has arrived! Whether you want to hit the beach, beat the heat, or take the family on vacation, here are a couple trash tips to help your life run smoothly:

Recycle Tips for Summer Trips

It’s easy to be green on the go. Here are three easy vacation tips: First, bring a reusable water bottle, coffee mug, or grocery tote. This cuts down on waste and doubles as a cute fashion statement. Second, when you shop for snacks, buy family-sized rather than individual packages. This saves money and reduces the amount of wrapping that ends up in the trash. Third, designate a shopping bag to be used for recycling throughout your trip. Collect cans, bottles, brochures, and other recyclables. Throw the bag away when you see a recycle bin at the next rest stop, gas station, or vacation destination. These steps are simple and an easy way to teach your kids how to care for their environment.

Reduce Trash Smell

No one likes to come home to a kitchen that smells like trash. Luckily, there are simple home remedies you can use to reduce trash smells after you take out the trash: First, sprinkle the bottom of your trash bin with baking soda. It will absorb offensive odors the same way it does in the refrigerator. If your trash bin is metal, pour the baking soda into a coffee filter and tie it with a rubber band or a piece of tape. This will prevent corrosion. Second, take one or two dryer sheets that you use for laundry and place them at the bottom of your trash bin. This will mask offensive odors and keep your trash bin fresh. Third, daub cotton balls with mint or vanilla extract, place them at the bottom of your bin, and let them sit overnight. This will fill your trash bin with the sweet smell of extract. These DIY tips are simple and will help make your house smell like home.


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